Resilience Needed

These are crazy times. I had an opportunity to speak about resilience last month to a group of unemployed HR professionals.  Being in this job market is no fun. Being able to adapt to stress and adversity is critical to maintaining your balance, even your sanity! Resilience won’t make your problems go away but it will help you see past them and find some enjoyment in life.

What goes hand in hand with resilience is motivation. Resilience and motivation are two critical skills successful people strengthen through deliberate practice. It’s that deliberate practice part that gets most of us. Discipline is required. This month we will explore the difference having these two will make in adapting to the many losses, failures and bad situations we all have faced lately.

Use Your Brain!

Developing a winner’s brain can be achieved!  In previous issues, I have mentioned using the power within–your brain–to achieve results no matter the circumstances that surround you.


When you start a new habit, you are actually making new pathways in your brain. Winners know this and through deliberate practice, control their thoughts and focus in.


Winners are adept at tuning out distractions and choosing the best way to focus on a task to achieve a desired outcome. Their brains even “light up” differently when they’re focused. Many are able to get into “flow” despite distractions. This world has distractions!


Winners know how to keep the pump flowing. They can embrace a bottomless supply of energy. And believe it or not, they know how to nap when they need to! Yep, sometimes you just need to let go and let your brain figure it out!


Average people have limited persistence and winners keep at it! They just can’t let a problem go unsolved and are able to muster up even more energy to get the job done!

Talk to Yourself!

We all talk to ourselves. Winners seem to have an optimistic explanatory style rather than a pessimistic style. People can be taught to be optimistic and resilient by changing their explanatory style. They don’t fall into helplessness with their thinking. They say things to themselves like “I can handle this” vs. “This always happens to me”. No victim mentality for them!

I believe that leaders in today’s organizations need to take a look at this whole resiliency and motivation thing. Looking toward the future with optimism, painting a picture of that vision for their companies, is critical in these chaotic times.

Life isn’t about what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens. It’s a choice. It can be made a better choice if we practice.


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