The Business of Coaching


There are many flavors to this coaching thing:

  • Life coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching…to name a few.

I’m expecting Happiness Coach to pop up any day now since Happiness is so hot now. It’s the number one course in Harvard’s history. Maybe there is a correlation to the number of people on anti-depressives?

I have a few friends that have a different twist on coaching to which  I’d like to introduce you. Feel free to contact them if you want and say HR Momma sent you. There is no referral fee to me, promise. I just like them!
Meet Susan Harding
Susan is a total wellness coach for women.

As an integrative health coach, Susan Harding is educational and motivational. Susan believes in the power of the mind-body-soul connection. She helps women of all ages empower themselves to not only believe in possibilities, but step into optimally healthy lifestyles through her business,The Next Step.

What is Integrative Health coaching??

“We are motivated by our vision of who we want to be.
Motivation cannot always come from within.”

Integrative Health Coaching is a motivational and educational partnership between client and coach. It is based on the belief that each client is whole, capable and resourceful.

Through deep listening, powerful questions, self-discovery tools, self-visualizations and many other skills, an integrative health coach guides a client’s journey toward her vision of optimal health.

Susan Harding’s educational background includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Health and Physical Education. Most recently, she has completed coursework in Integrative Health Coaching, Mindfulness for Professionals, and Mindfulness and Weight Management through Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC. Susan is a member of the International Coach Federation.

On-Line Wellness Coaching

Meet Randy Moser

Randy has launched LifeZone4 after almost a decade of research  to address the corporate world need for mass education and accountability in their wellness programs (or in place of!) . Through workshops or the site, LifeZone®4 uses interactive discovery methods that encourage preventative wellness, life satisfaction and peak performance.  The outcome of his discovery exploration driven experience is personal enrichment and self-actualization leading to a positive impact on life and work.

Empirical data gives evidence that work/life balance is still the #1 concern of many people. Organizations that “Close the Gap” between their need for productivity and their employees’ need for balance in their lives are more productive and innovative; leading to higher profitability. Such companies also attract and maintain the best talent.

People and organizations are searching for solutions that are realistic and realizable before traumatic consequences occur; whether it be wellness, relationships or work environment. Organizations have a right to expect productivity, performance, creativity, team-work and ultimately profitability from their workforce.  In return, employees have the right to optimize their life dimensions centered around self, relationships and work.

On-Line  Leadership Development Coaching

Meet Meredith Bell

Performance Support Systems has been my 360 Feedback provider (20/20 Insight) for almost 15 years and they celebrate their 20th year in business this month. Recently they added a tool to address the need for leadership development in a very cost effective way when they launched ProStar Coach.

ProStar Coach is a totally new kind of online subscription service that will transform the way you help supervisors and managers improve their leadership skills. ProStar Coach combines assessment, development, coaching and reinforcement programs into a single unified resource. It’s a self-paced, self-directed system for long-term follow-through that helps leaders ingrain skills over time. It’s like giving a manager a 24/7 personal leadership coach. Managers work on one skill or one personal strength at a time, as they apply best practices with the people they supervise every day. They access learning resources anytime, anywhere and as often as needed to make real changes in their behavior.

Through assessments, training videos, exercises and ability to get feedback on your performance, PSS has hit a home run! The feedback functionality is awesome. This unique hybrid of social networking and forum technology supplements the built-in virtual coaching with input from real people who care about the individual’s development, such as managers, coworkers, team members, training co-participants, coaches and others who share information, feedback, coaching, advice and encouragement.

Check it out HERE. I believe leadership development is a journey, not an event, and ProStar Coach will be there for your employees.


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